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All current products, both ready-to-ship and custom orders.

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Glass Jars w/Painted Lids

New and upcycled glass jars with painted lids.

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Unique clocks made from wood, albums, or compact discs.


Custom Order Items

Looking to custom order an item in your choice of colors and style, you will find it here.

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Wood Hearts in a variety of sizes

Image by Steve Johnson


Glass cabochon and resin items using rare-Earth magnets

Image by Steve Johnson

Paper / Pattern Weights

Whether you are looking for a weight to hold the papers on your desk or the patterns on your sewing table, we have a wide selection.



Black matte and silver tins with painted lids.

Image 1080.0x1080.0(1).jpg


New and upcycled glass vases.

Image by Steve Johnson

Car Coasters

Car coasters to add some art inside your car's cup holders.


Charcuterie Trays

Wood and tile charcuterie trays.



Coasters that come in a wide variety of colors and style that come in singles and sets.

Image 3024.0x3024.0(3).jpg

Everything Rainbow

Everything painted in the colors of the rainbow.

Image by Steve Johnson

Lazy Susan Turntables

Solid wood lazy susans ready-to-ship or custom order in 12", 15", 18", and 24" diameter.

Image 1512.0x1512.0.jpg


Wide variety of ornaments made in acrylic, glass, wood, and shatterproof plastic.

Image by Steve Johnson

Resin Items

To reduce waste, excess resin is used to make a variety of items available here.  Items include bookmarks, checkers pieces, guitar picks, and magnets.

Image by Steve Johnson


Heat-resistant ceramic tile trivets come in 6", 8", and 12" squares.

Image by Steve Johnson

Wall Art

Wall art is available on canvases, cradled wood panels, and non-cradled wood.

Image by Steve Johnson
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